The following renewable energy systems are a starting point, to which you can add or subtract a wide variety of options and alternatives.  They serve as an example of what goes into a renewable energy system, and the costs involved; we are sure that you will find that our package systems are priced very competitively.

To determine a system that is appropriate for your particular needs, complete and return the Renewable Power Site Analysis & Questionnaire to us via mail or fax.  Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, we will prepare a free system design and quote.

NOTE: Our system packages are soon to be updated. Please consider the following system descriptions as a rough "ball park" guide.

Utility-Intertie PV Power Systems
These systems employ a PV array and inverter to convert and deliver generated power directly to the utility grid.
Utility Intertie Power Systems without Battery Backup
Utility Intertie Power Systems with Battery Backup
Off-Grid PV Power Systems
These systems are for those who are living or building beyond the power lines.
Advanced Off-Grid Power System
Basic Off-Grid Power System

Incentive details
Please note, the state of New York is currently offering impressive renewable energy incentives.