The following Utility Backup System series are designed to fit any need. Systems come pre-wired, tested, and ready to install. Your installing electrician will need to supply components and wiring highlighted in red in the drawings, according to the complete instructions included. All other components shown are included in the system package. 

As a prerequisite to selecting the proper backup system, the following must be determined: 
   1.  Identify critical loads 
   2.  Estimate the amount of power in watt-hrs they consume
   3.  Size battery storage to supply critical loads until utility power returns (by estimating the length of an "average" power failure).
Residential Backup Power System Strategy

Basic Utility-Backup Power Systems
A backup power system provides power to critical loads which need to operate in the event of a power failure. They function much like a computer un-interruptible power supply (UPS), except on a grander scale. These systems may or may not employ a PV array for battery charging. 

Utility Intertie Power System with Battery Backup
The Utility Intertie System with batteries will sell excess power back to the grid & provide backup power for any designated critical loads. This system is a high-end, advanced system which can both supply critical loads with emergency power and sell renewable-generated (solar & wind) power back to the utility.

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Incentives and Financing

Incentive details
Please note, the states of New York and Vermont are currently offering impressive renewable energy incentives.